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I've had this image of Sauron in my mind for quite awhile but the latest chapter of The Hematic (ch. 22) spurred me to actually draw it...I was going to give him lava hair (I spent hours looking at pictures of lava and volcanoes), but it didn't look good, so I went with this molten gold thing...again.
Sauron by janique-marie
DA ID version of "Sauron the Deceiver"

Original: Sauron the Deceiver by janique-marie
Sauron the Deceiver by janique-marie
Sauron the Deceiver
"Now the lightnings increased and slew men upon the hills, and in the fields, and in the streets of the city; and a fiery bolt smote the dome of the Temple and shore it asunder, and it was wreathed in flame. But the Temple itself was unshaken, and Sauron stood there upon the pinnacle and defied the lightning and was unharmed; and in that hour men called him a god and did all that he would." 

"And Sauron, sitting in his black seat in the midst of the Temple, had laughed when he heard the trumpets of Ar-Pharazôn sounding for battle; and again he had laughed when he heard the thunder of the storm; and a third time, even as he laughed at his own thought, thinking what he would do now in the world, being rid of the Edain for ever, he was taken in the midst of his mirth, and his seat and his temple fell into the abyss. But Sauron was not of mortal flesh, and though he was robbed now of that shape in which he had wrought so great an evil, so that he could never again appear fair to the eyes of Men, yet his spirit arose out of the deep and passed as a shadow and a black wind over the sea, and came back to Middle-earth and to Mordor that was his home. There he took up again his great Ring in Barad-dûr, and dwelt there, dark and silent, until he wrought himself a new guise, an image of malice and hatred made visible; and the Eye of Sauron the Terrible few could endure."

--The Silmarillion, The Akallabeth, Downfall of Numenor


I was reading the Akallabeth today and decided I would try my hand at drawing Sauron (again)...also, if what he's wearing looks familiar, it's because I saw picture of Ellaria Sand (GoT) and thought "I wonder what Sauron would look like wearing that..." and decided to draw him in that costume, but (of course) with a few changes made. mostly color and the inside and a few additions.

Yeah...don't ask. My brain likes to go to strange places... 

Thoughts? Comments would be greatly appreciated...I don't really do watercolor, but the past few days, I've been trying to branch out. Do you guys like the style? Yes? No? I'd love to hear you reactions, your first thoughts/impressions, a specific part you like/don't like, what you think I could improve, what it reminds you of, etc.


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